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Veiti Finland

Comprehensive Design From Brand 

Identity To Product Collections

Veiti is a Finnish business gift brand by Gourmet Brands Ltd. All Veiti's products are designed and produced in Finland with the values of longevity and tradition. I conceived the brand’s visual identity, and created their first collection by designing their textile, cosmetic, and plywood product lines. 


The sauna textile collection includes sauna cushions, sauna seat covers, and towels woven into three different patterns of linen and cotton. The bath towels are woven with two layers and pre-washed to give the material softer touch. The plywood collection is formed by trays and cutting boards. For a touch of crafted feeling all the patterns for both textiles and plywood products were created with hand painting.


The cosmetic line consists of eight various bathing and skincare products with inspiration of Finnish nature in the ingredients: tar, honey, and spruce to mention a few. This inspiration can be seen in all the Veiti products whether it is in the design, pattern, or material. All in all, Veiti represents high quality products with a husky Nordic spirit.

Client - Gourmet Brands Ltd

Art direction & design - Sini Henttonen

Year - 2017

Veiti visual identity
Veiti products
Veiti cosmetics branding
Veiti sauna products
Veiti cosmetics branding
Tihku sauna textiles
Veiti sauna textiles
Kaarna trays and cutting boards
Laine trays and Olki cutting boards
Tihku tray and Suomu cutting boards
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