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My name is Sini. I am a Finnish designer who is passionate about creating designs that stand out with their story, appearance, and quality. 


I have a Master of Arts in textile design from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. From the field of textiles I have extended my surface design skills to graphic design and illustration. With this blend of skills in my background I find materials and their feel to be equally important with visual design.


In my work I aim for clarity and usability while not forgetting details that have their part in communicating the values of each case. In turn I enjoy bringing desired ambience alive with the many ways of visual design such as illustration, pattern design, and photo manipulation. The outcome often shows either a playful or bold graphical style. However, every project has its unique needs and this diversity is what keeps me inspired at work.


I have worked in Helsinki as a freelance designer since 2016. Before that I had position as a senior designer for two years in Bangkok. Moreover, I have shortly worked in Estonia and France, and today I am working on both domestic and international projects from my office in Siltasaari, Helsinki. 


This website portfolio showcases some of my selected works. To see more of my visual projects and keep up to date with my latest ones, just head to my Behance and Instagram profiles or contact me for further inquiries. Thank you!

sini henttonen_designer.jpg

Selected Clients & Collaborations

PDM Brand Ltd, Thailand

Itella Oyj, Finland

VM Carpet, Finland

Bonne Drinks Ltd, Finland

Jerrybag Ltd, South Korea

Doonyapol Srichan Studio, Thailand

Design From Scandinavia, Finland

For The Common Goods, Singapore

Kudos Dsign, Finland

Amos Anderson Museum, Finland

Sourcing Boutique, Hong Kong

Anon Pairot Studio, Thailand

Happy Textiles, Finland

Moominworld, Finland

Sergent Major, France

Menka, Japan

The Archives of President Urho Kekkonen, Finland

Santa Claus Finland, Finland

Pyynikin Brewing Company, Finland

Core Business and Design, Finland

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