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PDM Brand

Designing A Tropical Rug Collection

PDM Brand was founded in 2013 by Mr. Doonyapol Srichan with our common idea of renewing the traditional Thai mat to a contemporary level. For the first two years of the company I also lived in Bangkok building PDM's visual strategies, both for marketing and products. Since then I have been designing their mats, currently from Helsinki.

Client - PDM Brand Ltd

Art direction & design - Sini Henttonen

Years - 2013-2020

Photos © PDM Brand Ltd

PDM Brand's rugs (or mats) are made with Jacquard weaving of lightweight and recycled polypropylene straws. The quality is enhanced compared to a traditional mat with tighter weaving and UV protection that prevents the material embrittlement. This makes the rugs perfect for tropical conditions throughout the year - indoor or outdoor.


The collection is formed by designs with various inspirations, whether the core idea lies in the pattern, story, or weave - all equally important factors in textile design. The overall look of the collection has followed the bold graphical and geometric style that broke mats' way into Southeast Asian homes, hotels, and resorts.

More about the collection and the inspiration of individual designs are available at

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