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Itella Oyj

Valentine's Day Postage Stamp Illustrations

I was requested to design a sheet of six postage stamps and the First Day Cover for the Valentine’s stamp set of 2013. In Finland, the day also celebrates friendship and therefore I chose to illustrate a candy world where on every stamp there are animal characters showing love of their own kind:


Stick candy & budgies - Fresh romance

Soft ice & polar bears - Sibling love

Liquorice & whale - Sweet tooth

Chocolate & elephants - Mother's love

Marshmallow & chameleon - Shy crush

Salty liquorice & tarsier - Love for beauty


Beside the stamps the sheet includes four small and sugary stickers for decorative purposes. Sweetness overload!

Client - Itella Oyj, Finnish post

Art direction & design - Sini Henttonen

Year - 2013

Stamp sheet illustration
Postage stamps illustrations
First Day Cover illustrations
Postage stamps illustrations
Postage stamps illustrations
Valentine's Day postage stamp set
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