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Pattern & Textile Design for A Bag Collection

Materian is a sub-brand of PDM Brand. It extends the lifestyle company's world from interiors to  include fashion and accessories. Materian's first product line consists of bag collections. The bag designs are based on the woven material that PDM Brand developed to endure wearing, strong sunlight and splashes. 


The patterns are designed for a certain type of Jacquard loom that weaves only this type of straw wefts and is typical for weaving traditional Thai mats in the past and now. The patterns for Materian however represent a bold graphical look that as a bag complete any outfit as a striking detail.

Client - Materian, Thailand

Product design - Sasawat Sangchaiarun &

Jay Techabanjerd

Textile design - Sini Henttonen

Year - 2018

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