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Trio Beoir

Band Branding & Debut Album Design

Trio Beoir is a Finnish band playing Irish and Nordic folk music. At the time they were approaching the release of their debut album, the band needed also their first visual image. The elements of this lightweight branding are logo, brand visual guidelines, album design, business cards and branded merchandise (print for t-shirts).


The inspiration for the art direction came from the Finnish peasant lifestyle which shows in the visuals as olden colour palette and stylised cross-stitch pattern alluding to Celtic knots. The logo presents a gothic style with a slightly coarse look which refers both to the international influence and unaffected nature of Trio Beoir's music. You can find them on Spotify.

Client - Trio Beoir

Art direction & design - Sini Henttonen

Year - 2018

Band visual identity
Trio Beoir album design
Trio Beoir logo design
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