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Bonne Drinks Ltd

Packaging Branding For A Moomin Product Family

The Bonne Moomin product family consists of juices, smoothies, and purées. The products are manufactured in Finland using nature’s finest raw materials and fresh spring water. The look of the product family was created to be fresh and new while respecting the original Moomin ethos. The packaging visuals are built with original Moomin illustrations and additional drawn elements that follow the same style.

Client - Bonne Drinks Ltd, Finland

Agency - ArkiDesign

Art direction & design - Sini Henttonen

Year - 2018-2020

Moomin purée
Moomin purée
Moomin purée
moomin_tetrapak_packaging design_1400x10
moomin_juice_packaging design_1400x1086.
moomin_smoothie_packaging design_1400x10
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