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Jerrybag Ltd

Water Is Life Campaign Illustration

Jerrybag Ltd is a South Korean company with the mission to improve access to clean water in Uganda and raise awareness of the water crisis through product design. For their campaign "Water is Life" I created an illustration for t-shirts that were sold to gain funding for the project. 


The illustration “Waterhole” represents the idea of water being an important, overlooked element needed for the diversity of life and the enjoyment of that life on many levels. The playful mood highlights the idea of life, but with a more serious reference to the great value of drinking water in Africa. 


Waterhole got a shortlist nomination in the category of new talent by The World Illustration Awards 2015 that is annually organised by Association of Illustrators (AOI).

Client - Jerrybag Ltd, South Korea

Art direction & design - Sini Henttonen

Year - 2015

Waterhole illustration
Waterhole t-shirt print
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